“Hm I’ve always lived my life in a very structured and planned way. I never had a rebellious teenage phase. I’ve always wanted to live a little more in the moment and do things more spontaneously. I admire people like that. I think in life you need a balance of these things. I think it … More 04/11/16


“Comparisons are easily done once you’ve had the taste of perfection. “ Weeks ago I decided to listen to all  the 969 songs stored at my phone with these three rules written in my mind : *don’t skip a song *shuffle off *don’t cheat yourself😂 That’s it !  I started listening from letter A and  … More LSS II


This is how I celebrated new year’s day … Taking pictures of lovers romantically watching fireworks display ❤ :3 *Sweetness overload ❤ HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !