“Comparisons are easily done once you’ve had the taste of perfection. “

Weeks ago I decided to listen to all  the 969 songs stored at my phone with these three rules written in my mind :

*don’t skip a song
*shuffle off
*don’t cheat yourself😂

That’s it !  I started listening from letter A and  ended with “T”…
“T”?????? 😄;) yes “T” !
Oh well ofcourse I have songs on my list that start with letters U-Z but I wasn’t able to finish listening to all of them BECAUSE… I forgot to include the
to my rules 😅😂 That’s  probably  the main reason why I failed  the challenge.

“You said move on where do I go?
I guess second best is all I will know”

Voila!  I got a last song syndrome again 😄 I’m still stuck on this song for a couple of days now. Can’t blame myself though..  This is a beautiful song. The intense emotion in every lyric is so vivid to the point where I even wondered what was Katy Perry’s thinking when she wrote this. Had she gone through a similar situation ? Or maybe she’s just too brilliant to compose a soul and yet a very powerful song like this. A story teller indeed  who has the ability to touch people’s heart with her music 🙂

“How do I get better once I’ve had the best? You said there’s tons of fish in the water so the waters I will test.”

Ugh!  I should quit thinking ^^ I’m just gonna enjoy this song as long as I want to.  😂 Besides, the other T-Z songs can  wait I guess. 😆


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