Love and Fireworks <3

imageI’d like to think that some love is like fireworks. The one that comes in various intense colors. Breaking the infinite darkness above the horizon. Every crack will amaze you. Every blast will stun you. No dull moment because every second is like a dazzling magic. However … like fireworks it won’t last long. You’ll never know when because sometimes the most remarkable part of the display happens right before it ends. And when it vanished.. everything will be covered by dark again.

There’s a momentary twinge of gloom that will rise in you from nowhere. Evanescent it may seem yet never it’ll be plunged in oblivion nor die in your memory. The kind of bliss that it has given you will always live in you no matter what because love… like fireworks is made  to make everyone’s night (life) completely memorable. Just so simple as that. It also gives hope and shows us that no matter how dark our world is… there will always be these lights (love) … these astonishing vibrant lights that will  glow in the darkest hour of our night.


How could someone like him

Love someone like me…

Damn, I’m so lucky.

5/21 LSS III

“Is it okay if I call you mine?
Just for a time
And I will be just fine

I’ve been hitting the bed before midnight for number of nights now. But I’m still having hard time to fall asleep on the spot or feel at least a bit sleepy moments after I laid my back on bed. Of course .. My body clock won’t get adjusted that quick since I used to sleep around 2-3am before..
Especially when I’m preoccupied….
Or when I’m in love…
Lol wut ?! 😂

“If I ask of you is it all right
If I ask you to hold me tight
Through a cold dark night

Anyways … Tonight. I decided to listen to the radio which I hadn’t done for ages. I searched for this particular station that I used to tune in when I was younger… Like … 10-15years ago ?
Please .. Don’t ask my age. Haha 😂

“Like when I hear your name
Or see a place that you’ve been
Or see a picture of your grin

So around 10pm … I started listening. The songs are usually sweet and romantic during this hour till midnight. So yeah ! Mellow songs plus sad poetries plus rain pouring outside plus lonely night .. Dang ! Senti mode is on !

“It sets off something in me I can’t explain
And I can’t wait to see you again

Almost all songs playing were familiar … I even sang along every time. Not to mention my horrible voice. 😆

“And what I’m trying to say isn’t really new
It’s just the things that happen to me
When I’m reminded of you

Past 11pm.. My most favorite time of day ❤ … I suddenly heard the guitar strumming intro of this very unfamiliar song which really got me.. Aww. I was instantly hooked. The voice … The melody… Ahh…. my eyes were shut unknowingly… It made me feel like my ears were being penetrated with this soft music while swaying my heart in between … I was moved. And I got an LSS once again. And since it was the first time that I heard this song… I asked uncle Google for help by typing the line that got me … Voila ! Found it ! DOWNLOAD. LISTEN. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT… 😂

“Oh babe. I love your love.”

Is it Okay if I Call You Mine – Paul McCraine

3/21 Not a Sad Poem

I feel strangeFor having no inspirationsTo create melancholic compositionsMy face cringed As I ran around In this sphere of confusionBlanked …Puzzled …Mystified …Ugh !Gloomy wordsPoignant rhymesWoeful phrasesHeartbreaking linesWhere did it all go ?!

2/21 Fantasies

As the rain touches her face

She closed her eyes

With the hope of seeing him

While feeling the numbness

Caused by the cold raindrops

That kiss her cheeks

While enjoying every moment

Of love living inside her head

What a bliss…

Yet the rain has to stop

So does her fantasy

Or rather … her lunacy

1/21 Memories

The wind is blowing
Rubbing against her skin
As she tries to breathe in
She lets everything in
Gripping these memories
All these years
Keeping her eyes
Wet from tears
She must let go
She must let go



You’ll be mine for real

And I’ll be yours forever…

I never believed in fairy tales

But I so dream to have

Happily ever after with you.

Shattered Dreams


Throw a fleeting glimpse

One last time

At the shattered dreams

Underneath the scarlet sky.

Let them be blown by the wind

And be scattered  aloft

To where they  should be

Where no one would ever reach.


But as I try to take her forever.. 

She moves away in fear of the future.. 

While destroying the moment of heat and passion…

And leaves forever…

Leaving the man who held her in his arms.. 

In confusion and regret…

                                      – Aaron Joseph