Love and Fireworks <3

I'd like to think that some love is like fireworks. The one that comes in various intense colors. Breaking the infinite darkness above the horizon. Every crack will amaze you. Every blast will stun you. No dull moment because every second is like a dazzling magic. However ... like fireworks it won't last long. You'll [...]


5/21 LSS III

"Is it okay if I call you mine? Just for a time And I will be just fine ." I've been hitting the bed before midnight for number of nights now. But I'm still having hard time to fall asleep on the spot or feel at least a bit sleepy moments after I laid my back [...]

3/21 Not a Sad Poem

I feel strange For having no inspirations To create melancholic compositions My face cringed As I ran around In this sphere of confusion Blanked ... Puzzled ... Mystified ... Ugh ! Gloomy words Poignant rhymes Woeful phrases Heartbreaking lines Where did it all go ?!

2/21 Fantasies

As the rain touches her face She closed her eyes With the hope of seeing him While feeling the numbness Caused by the cold raindrops That kissed her cheeks While enjoying every moment Of love living inside her head What a bliss... Yet the rain has to stop So does her fantasy Or rather ... [...]