Love and Fireworks <3

imageI’d like to think that some love is like fireworks. The one that comes in various intense colors. Breaking the infinite darkness above the horizon. Every crack will amaze you. Every blast will stun you. No dull moment because every second is like a dazzling magic. However … like fireworks it won’t last long. You’ll never know when because sometimes the most remarkable part of the display happens right before it ends. And when it vanished.. everything will be covered by dark again.

There’s a momentary twinge of gloom that will rise in you from nowhere. Evanescent it may seem yet never it’ll be plunged in oblivion nor die in your memory. The kind of bliss that it has given you will always live in you no matter what because love… like fireworks is made  to make everyone’s night (life) completely memorable. Just so simple as that. It also gives hope and shows us that no matter how dark our world is… there will always be these lights (love) … these astonishing vibrant lights that will  glow in the darkest hour of our night.

Thai Ads: Have You Seen One ?

I don’t exactly remember  the  first time  I watched Thai ads. 6 or 7 years ago I guess. I’ve  also seen some of their movies and music videos  and I must say … They’re brilliant when it comes to that.

Maybe I could tell that I have already watched almost all their heartbreaking ads. But I still find myself rewatching them every time I stumble upon the  YouTube. They never get old 😉 And most of them are based on true to life story which makes them more inspiring and often leaves me thinking (after crying). Every poignant emotion showed felt so real as if I was feeling the same thing. I would suddenly feel my throat tightens then a tear would trickle down unknowingly and before I know, my eyes are already flooding with tears .

This story of sisters is definitely one of my favorites 🙂 Extravagantly emotional indeed ! There is so much more of them to watch on YouTube. See it for yourself and dare not to cry !