Falling For Someone You’ve Never Met

My Heart CupSomeone asked me before…. “Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met?” I answered her “no, how could you love someone by just looking at  his picture and reading his text messages ?”

Til one day …. I was asked again with the same question…. but this time… by myself … is it really possible?

…. Then I found myself answering that with the word “yes”….
How could it be?

This may sound a little bit crazy but speaking for myself… falling in love with someone you’ve never met before would  start by a very deep conversation with one another through mail, text ,chat and all. Conversation that will always make you smile every time. And despite the fact that you haven’t yet seen him, you will start liking him.

When would you realize that?

When you are not afraid to share everything about you with him… your feelings, secrets, your thoughts , likes, dislikes, failures, expectations, dreams , plans and some things you haven’t told to anyone yet even with your best friend. When you see yourself in him, astound to know that you have so many things in common , when he talks just like you do … as if you were talking to your own self. When everything feels so natural. And you’ll find yourself checking  your phone constantly.. waiting for his name to pop though you’re trying so hard not to. Your day wouldn’t be complete without receiving even a single message from him. It’s crazy.. yes . It will drive you crazy at first especially when you realize that this someone is the one that making your head spin. You’ll begin to believe that the person you are talking with is amazing and wonder why on earth you happened not to born in his place… you’ll begin to ask “what if…” questions or start your sentences with the phrase “how I wish…”. Then you will dream to meet him one day.. You will start to see your future together. Talk a lot of cheesy stuffs. Share a lots of craziness. Express yourself with no boundaries.

You will love him even though you haven’t yet met him. You will love him deeply even if people tell you that you’re just in love with the “idea” of him, telling you negative stuffs. Making you realize that the thing between the two of you is not real… that it could never be love.. that you’re just dreaming … that you could only be together in the world of make-believe. They will keep on telling you to wake up…. Yet  you will  keep on loving him.

Is it possible to fall for someone you’ve never met?

Definitely yes ! For love comes in many  different ways, different circumstances. It will just suddenly strike you out of nowhere.. Whoever, whatever and where ever  you are. You just have to be brave enough to face all the unexpected things that might happen.

Is it really possible to fall for someone you’ve never met?

If you’re ready to meet that person.. Accept every little thing about him.. If you are not expecting too much.. If  you know in yourself that you’re really in love and  not just in love with the “idea” of  an  ideal person that everyone else is looking for.. If you’re sure enough that your  feelings will not change once you meet him.

YES… it is possible.


54 Replies to “Falling For Someone You’ve Never Met”

    1. I to agree it’s happening to me right now we talked on a site and connected we been texting and calling each other and when I receive a text or call from her I get so happy we both admit to be in love with each other and we haven’t actually met

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  1. The challenge with online dynamics is that many times they come crashing down when reality comes through. I had a lady friend who I was convinced was somebody legitimate, but once my life started opening doors to meet her in person, she acted weird and is now in a strange non-talking-to-me mood.

    All I mean to say is to be careful. 😉

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    1. It happens a lot of times to a lot of people. The chance of having a “happy ending love story” when the only modes of communication are email and online chat is sooo small. Fake people are there pretending to be somebody else.
      Yah 🙂 one shouldn’t give his/her damn trust to anyone so easily 🙂


    Stay happy…!

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    1. Hi 🙂 I’m happy you liked it ! 10years ?? That’s pretty long 😦 … Thanks for appreciating and I hope… one day you’ll have the chance to meet that person… 😉 it’s never too late anyway ! 🙂

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      1. hahha…yea it’s never too late..! 😉
        your each word explain my thought…!
        Hope we will meet one day 😦


  3. This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing it. Actually, I’m getting to “like” someone whom I never met before. But we’re currently communicating through facebook chat. It started for 3 weeks already and still we’re always communicating. I never thought I’ll be inclined to someone, a total stranger, through this medium. I wanted to stop communicating with him because he’ll probably think I’m really eager and interested in him by still replying to his chats or pms. But really I’m starting to like him even though in the back of my mind it is impossible to happen. I wanted to fight back this feeling because I don’t want to end up having great expectations and soon he’ll be taking it as an advantage against me. Even though I had to admit I hope that I will meet him in person someday. I really need your opinion or any advice on this matter. Thank you so much! 🙂

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  4. A very close friend of mine fell in love with someone she had never met. She finally got to meet him after two years. And now she is in love all over again, although knowing that she probably won’t be able to see for another two years. Love is strange that way.

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  5. Thank you for this!! I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this, I’ve been talking to a guy for a year now, we skype on the weekends and talk every night, I can see myself with him but at the same time I’m scared, he tells me he loves me, that he knows that I’m the girl he’s suppose to be with. We’re planning on meeting within the new year.

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  6. So, what happened with you two? Did you finally met and had your happy ending?
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I went through a very similar situation. You describe perfectly how it feels when you “fall” for someone you haven’t met in real life. I called it quits though, I let the fear, the uncertainty, the distance to interfere with us. I think i didn’t believe it was true. And just as they say, you never know what you had until you lose it.
    I hope it turned out well for you, what happened?

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  7. You defined me. I’m feeling the same way! and I love him so much. I’m tired of reading negatives posts about this. This is the first positive one and It gives me hope because I’m in love with someone who has always be honest with me so. He’s such amazing person, sadly he’s so far away and he doesn’t seem to be interested in an online relationship, anyway he tell me everyday he loves talking to me and that he would like to date me but distance between us is just too much so. But I will just let all this to the time and let’s see what happen next. Thanks for the post.


  8. It can happen. It’s happened to me last week. I’ll try and make this brief. I have crohns disease had major surgery in december, and ended up with an ileostomy. I really struggled to come to terms with it. So sought help and advice on various facebook groups. The lady and I became friends through the group. We never really chatted I thought I’d be punching above my weight. I commented on a picture of her her simply saying she was hot. She then thank me through pm for the comment. We have been talking on the phone for around a week. I got the train down to meet her. We didn’t even go out or watch tv. Just listened to musice and chatted. There was not 1 uncomfortable silence. We have so much in common and I now realize why it never worked out with anybody else. This woman is the one. The only one I was ever ment to be with. She also feels the same. I still have to pinch myself sometimes, can’t believe this is really happening. We are both in our 40s. So we know what we want this isn’t an infatuation. This lady will become my wife. Never did I think this would ever happen.


  9. it seems like you were reading my mind and thoughts, I’m in love with a guy who I haven’t met yet, I really love him and I wish we can be together till eternity♡..You made me to have hope in this relationship, thank you so much♤♡●


  10. Someone asked me this a couple of hours ago but more so along the lines of “how can you love me when you barely know me” and I couldn’t really find an answer. After reading this I really truly genuinely find comfort in the fact that I’m in love with this person despite the fact that they feel I’m in love with the idea


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  12. oh yes it can. there was an english girl, a poet, her words moved me so deeply. But, it was really the idea of her that i held within me, and wrapped myself around. so now i would say, it can seem that way. it can start that way. but that is only the beginnings of love… keep going, keep growing, and keep writing awesome posts like this!


  13. I hear that it happens here and there, but personally I don’t believe in it. At least for me. I need so much more to open up.
    P.s. glad if you could experience it 😉


  14. Reblogged this on The Vima Tresna and commented:
    This really got to me at the right time. I love yr writing…
    I’ve been going through a quite similar situation, but..more on that some other time.


  15. Such a wonderful post on a fascinating topic! It really doesn’t seem possible until it happens to you! I meet my soulmate in 1998 on an online dating site. We exchanged 500 pages of emails in four days and we met for coffee which turned into dinner and watching Titantic and the rest is a history and a dream come true I could have never imagined. That Profile headline turned out to be the best four words I’ve ever written!!

    The answer to your question is absolutely positively – YES!


  16. It’s very possible. Anybody who says it’s not is a liar or has never experienced it. To question the “what ifs” and the “maybe” and “how” is human nature, we do this when we feel emotions. When you connect with someone if it’s through online or a text or whatever, if you do it long enough then yes it’s possible. Honestly, I think that’s beautiful. To connect with someone you’ve never met and feel something so deeply that it frightens you and excites you simultaneously and when you do meet it’s wonderful.


  17. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!


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