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You’ll be mine for real

And I’ll be yours forever…

I never believed in fairy tales

But I so dream to have

Happily ever after with you.

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But as I try to take her forever.. 

She moves away in fear of the future.. 

While destroying the moment of heat and passion…

And leaves forever…

Leaving the man who held her in his arms.. 

In confusion and regret…

                                      – Aaron Joseph

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Tonight I’ll  show you my scars

Kiss them, I wouldn’t mind

Let my body be helpless in your arms

For tonight our hearts will be twined

I’ll let you touch the deepest part of my soul

I’ll let you caress every inch of me and explore.


Tonight I’ll let you embrace my insecurities

The camouflage of my uncertainties

The reasons why I was holding back 

Please wipe them out with your touch

And put them all in a sack

We’ll dump it together before the sun comes out.


Tonight I will let you love me more

Give me the love which I thought I’ll never deserve

Oh I could not ask for more

You’re the only one I want to be with tonight

And forevermore.

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I find myself getting addicted to you

And it was never my intention

You were only just  my happy pills

My daily dose of smiles

Now you’re more like  an ecstasy

Giving me more than butterflies

Days without you feel like hell

Nights without you are worse

Your absence makes me unwell

Incomplete and desirous

Mind tells me to get rid of  you

Yet euphoric heart wanted more of you.