Know Her More II


  1.  I was born on March19, 1991 
  2. I’m Pisces♋ 
  3.  Year of the sheep🐏 
  4. Yeah. I’m  interested in Zodiac blah, blah ,blah
  5. My favorite color is green🌿
  6. Moss green , specifically🌱 
  7. I love acoustic music🎧 
  8.  I like discovering not-so-famous songs🎵
  9.  It must be obvious that I’m not into mainstreams. 
  10. I don’t even have a single song of  1D and Justin Bieber on my song list..🎼
  11. I used to dream to become a witch when I was a kid 
  12. I love moon🌛
  13.  I’m so much in love with the moon. 🌜
  14. I love heights
  15. I’m not afraid of falling
  16. I’m a bit claustrophobic 
  17.  Clowns creep me out all the time 
  18. I have a speech anxiety
  19.  Speaking in front of the crowd would kill me hahahahaha
  20.  I love personalizing and customizing my own stuffs
  21.  I used to hate rain☔
  22.  I love it now🌂
  23.  I love sunrises more than sunsets🌆
  24.   I love reading and watching tragic love stories
  25. The ones where one of the main characters dies eventually 
  26. Like TFIOS, A Walk to Remember, Me Before You, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Titanic .. Hmm well.. Name it ! I must’ve watched or read it already 😂
  27.  I hate people who post their hypocrisy on social media😬
  28. That’s why I keep deactivating my IG and FB accounts. They make me hate the people I know. 😣
  29. I can live without WiFi👍 
  30. I can live without my phone 👍
  31. But I can’t live without coffee💔
  32. My social life is boring. 👥I don’t like meeting new people.
  33.  I have few friends.. But I can tell you they’re real 👭👭
  34.  I don’t drink soft drinks ever since I was little.🍹
  35. I wonder why you people like it
  36. I never smoked
  37. Well… I do get drunk sometimes. The feeling fascinates me.🍷😂
  38.  I’m not a party goer🍻
  39. I’ve never been to disco pubs before
  40. Because as I said earlier.. I don’t like meeting new people
  41. And also because I don’t dance. Haha
  42. I’m a demisexual💑
  43. A  sapiosexual
  44. I have a thing about anchor ⚓
  45. My favorite emoticon is 😂😂😂
  46. I like black cat. But I don’t have one 😭😭
  47. I play league of legends. 😀
  48. Support main here !
  49. The best movie I’ve seen so far is “The Teacher’s Diary.
  50. No one dies there but I sooooo love that film so much ! ❤
  51. So what else ? uh… well I’m a realist 🙂
  52. I like things to happen naturally
  53. I’m also an introvert
  54. oh btw ! My name is Arriane not morg:D

….to be continued 😉