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Sun and Moon

Or maybe I was wrong 

To believe 

That sun and moon

Can live

Together …

And be happy in love 


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And as she plunged into the abyss of despair
She sat down on a chair
Looked up and whispered to the moon
That this agony  won’t last long
And that her heart will soon find its way home.

PHOTO CREDIT : Christophe V. 

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Tonight I’ll  show you my scars

Kiss them, I wouldn’t mind

Let my body be helpless in your arms

For tonight our hearts will be twined

I’ll let you touch the deepest part of my soul

I’ll let you caress every inch of me and explore.


Tonight I’ll let you embrace my insecurities

The camouflage of my uncertainties

The reasons why I was holding back 

Please wipe them out with your touch

And put them all in a sack

We’ll dump it together before the sun comes out.


Tonight I will let you love me more

Give me the love which I thought I’ll never deserve

Oh I could not ask for more

You’re the only one I want to be with tonight

And forevermore.

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You have wings yet can’t be able to fly

An angel but an enemy to your kind.

You fight for what you believe is right

Yet they believe you’re a threat to their lives.

A force to be reckoned with

A villain to beat.

How does it feel to be you?

To be thrown out  by your clan and  sister too

To be devoured by loathe

To be engulfed by darkness

How does it feel to live in vengeance?

How does it feel to be a fallen angel?