“Hm I’ve always lived my life in a very structured and planned way. I never had a rebellious teenage phase. I’ve always wanted to live a little more in the moment and do things more spontaneously. I admire people like that. I think in life you need a balance of these things. I think it satisfies a part of your soul that can’t get satisfaction otherwise. I’m surrounded by people like me who rarely take risks and live very safe, predictable lives. The only excitement there is, is mostly predictable and safe. And you… you’re the antithesis of me. Oddly, something I look up to and admire. People here subscribe to social norms and try to fit in. But you don’t care. You say you’re shy and quiet person? I think shy and quiet people are the most interesting to talk to! “ -Park


Letter to Eula

handle the candle with care


“Starfish is beautiful but has no brain. So Arriane, if ever someone compares you with a starfish.. smash up his face ,okay?”.

Remember this? I’m sure you do. And how will I ever forget the moment that you said it. It made me laugh so hard. And so… I won’t even forget all those times that we’ve shared, our heart to heart talks, uncontrollable laughs, little secrets, life’s dramas, greatest dreams, family problems, personal matters and my favorite topic…. lovelife:)

One and a half year. We’ve only got the chance to bond for just one and a half year and yet it felt like I’ve known you for so long. I was stupid to take for granted all the times that had passed. I know it’s too late to tell all of these things to you. And I feel so bad …. really bad for not letting you know how grateful I am to meet someone like you. For not letting you know how beautiful you are … inside and out. I never even had the chance to say thank you for being such a precious friend of mine and for being indeed a good friend rolled into one… a sister, listener, adviser, a clown…. and now an angel.

I still can’t believe it happened all of a sudden…. that everything you had wished for, you had planned for were now vanished. I was extremely sure you didn’t want to go yet. You are just 24 Eula. You had given only 24 years to live in this stupid world of ours…and I must say..  Life is so unpredictable… Life is just so unfair.

“Why you?”.. The only question that kept running on my mind over and over again the moment I heard about the news. I know it was wrong to ask this and I have no right to question God. But I couldn’t help it.

I was never be your best friend nor the closest one. It was just a short time.. but I promise that I will cherish all the good memories when you were still with us
and I will never ever ever forget one of the loveliest girls who once lived here with me. And we all hope that you already found your peace. You will always be in our prayers.

I won’t say goodbye because I know that we will still meet someday…

Thank you Eula for everything .