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You have wings yet can’t be able to fly

An angel but an enemy to your kind.

You fight for what you believe is right

Yet they believe you’re a threat to their lives.

A force to be reckoned with

A villain to beat.

How does it feel to be you?

To be thrown out  by your clan and  sister too

To be devoured by loathe

To be engulfed by darkness

How does it feel to live in vengeance?

How does it feel to be a fallen angel?

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Growing Up With Boys !


I grew up with my three brothers. Being the only girl in the family is tough and somewhat a challenge 😀 But honestly  speaking I never longed to have a sister back when I was a kid. I really enjoyed spending my childhood years with those guys around me. Well..yeah !  I got the chance to know about GIJoe, Voltes 5,Transformers and Ninja Turtles. I remember myself ignoring Disney channel and joining them from watching Japanese anime; Listening to Simpleplan , A1, Boyz II Men and Coldplay instead  of Britney Spears or Spice girls; Setting aside my tea set and doll house just to play marbles, cards and yoyo 😀 I have always joined them playing (filipino) street games like patintero, touching runner and bangsak( hide and seek). I spent hours riding a bicycle and roller skates around our neighborhood.  I climbed up trees with them  to pick mangoes. I have even tried climbing up on our roof just to fly a kite …unfortunately, it didn’t fly so I  ended up making a paper plane and then  throwing it up in the air (this was the time when  I first started to love heights) 😀 I used to like black and blue and hated pink so much. I began  to love watching basketball and became a huge fan of NBA because of them  🙂 I didn’t appreciate romantic stories because I was so fond to watch horror and action movies before.

I heard my mom once told her friend  …“I’m afraid that she might turn out a tomboy, that’s why  dolls and pink stuffs  are always on my list every time I go to shop”.. Luckily.. I didn’t become a  tomboy.  Want a proof?? Well .. Apart from always wearing my favorite cute velvet  dress and asking my mom to always braid my long black hair… I had my first crush on a cute lil boy named Mark Anthony  when I was seven !  Haha

Things changed when I entered teenage  years. Well.. I guess that’s inevitable.  I became more  conscious about myself.  My three dudes became  over protective and so was my mom. They’ve begun to tell me and ask me so many things which really annoyed me so bad.. Such as… don’t wear that…Go home before 7pm… Who’s that guy with you?.. Don’t leave .. You  should’ve done this or you should not do that…. You should not go there… and sooooo on….. Ugh ! I used to envy my bros  for having  the freedom to do whatever they want ,go where ever they like, come home late and spend overnight with their friends. And my mom would just always tell me that they’re boys and I’m a girl.

Okay. I got it ! Now understand.. Just now. Haha. Well .. Remembering those days makes me think that… I’m so lucky and  so grateful to have them. Though, I have always cried out loud when they  were teasing me ,  when they were  peeking at my diary and phone when I was not looking ,when they were telling me frankly that I gained a lot of weight or that my dress doesn’t suit me and when they kept demanding me not to wear make up. I think  … I should call  that an act of sweetness !  Perhaps that was just  their own way of showing their not-so-obvious love for me. I was so oblivious to realize this before.  Yes ! They could be the meanest guys around me.. But hey ! They’re still always be the sweetest ones.