Alone (Tanka)



She’s sitting alone

In this gloomy empty room

One sedate midnight

As the crescent moon smiles

Her flawed heart silently cries



29 Replies to “Alone (Tanka)”

  1. Must go now and do Hurricane Irma preparedness stuff and did not see you on richwrapper until just minutes to go and closing down…but Alone blew me away and had to blog and like and say thanks for the great poem. Will be back electicity willing.

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    1. Omg. Yeah. I’ve heard about that.. my best wishes for everyone’s safety over there.. please do take care. And thank you also for taking time to comment on this post. Keep safe and Godspeed ❤

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      1. My favorite hurricane: not. Actually Typhoon Kate, spent in a small bunker atop a lone hill west of DaNang, South Vietnam in November of 1970. Caught a medical-evacuation ride out of there just as the eyewall hit us for a very entertaining helicopter ride back to the Air Force’s hospital where the showers were hot (and the food as well) and few took umbrage over hosting an orphan Marine reporter/photographer…especially one carring a six pack of beer in his packframe’s cavernous sack. When I got back to that hill, the 20-mile long, six-mile wide valley was 10-30 feet deep in floodwaters. War called off (mostly) on account of rain. May it rainlikethat everwhere man wars.


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