Forgetting (Haiku)

Forgetting is like
Kissing the moon every night
Impossible… Right?


26 thoughts on “Forgetting (Haiku)

  1. One reason this poem is interesting is because of the way the impossibility in the last line is questioned. It seems that it almost suggests, that the person being asked the question, may actually be doing what the second line says, but since they forget about it, they don’t know that they do it, and so they think it is impossible. It is as if the person asking the question, knows what the person being asked does, and is somehow revealing it to them through the question.

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    1. Aww..You said it ! 🙂 some people are just like that… Unaware that they’re doing something in vain .
      I’m so pleased you stopped by. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 Glad to see you here ! Lots of love ❤


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