I Got a LSS !

http://youtu.be/SbmvT9kE6GM So I got a last song syndrome (LSS). I first heard this  playing on the radio yesterday. Unsure of what the  title was... I grabbed my phone and typed the line that struck me the most on the google search box. I downloaded it immidiately after finding out what I was looking for... then... Continue Reading →


Suddenly I'm stuck on a road Where loneliness Is inescapable Longing Is my companion I tried to leave it But it follows me Where ever I go I carry a baggage With memories in it I thought of disposing it But I couldn't It belongs to me And forever it will be.

Love Song

Love song.. love song Your music Is a chaos Playing in my head Your melody Is a torture Killing me inside Every rhythm Is a  knife Stabbing me Right through my heart Now... Please tell me... Why are you called Love song When I can no longer Feel love ? Perhaps you're made To rip... Continue Reading →

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