Hope Is Everywhere

imageI admit… 2014 had been a tough year for me. There were ups and a plenty of downs. I had number of sleepless nights worrying and thinking . I had gone through a time when it seemed to me that giving up was the only option I had. There were  days of emptiness, moments when I felt like nobody cares. I had fights with people who are close to me and I silently wept at night. I messed up a lot of times !

But the good thing is…

I learned.

I learned when to turn over a new leaf. I learned that escaping is not a solution. That life is life. It is what it is and you just have to live with it.  If it brings you down… get up. If it fails you.. try once more. If it leads you in a different track … go back from the beginning and start your journey again. Sometimes  it will give you  hundred reasons to give up … still.. you should not worry 🙂 because the world will always give you a million reasons to hold on. For hope can be seen everywhere.

Yeah ! I learned that  hope is everywhere…



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