Someone Like My Pillow


I know this sounds insane. I can’t even imagine anyone else in this world getting  such crazy thoughts as mine 😀 Well… I just came to think  that maybe it’s a good idea if I marry someone like my pillow. Funny, isn’t it? But I’m unmistakably serious about it 🙂

I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who will never  fail to comfort me the way my pillow does when I’m tired from all day work. Someone who will wipe away the tears like how my pillow catches every single drop of tear  whenever  I’m heartsick  or depressed. It would be great if I marry someone  to whom I could give my whole trust with, someone I can lean on and confide in  like what I do when I put my head down on my pillow. The one who could give me the best and incomparable cuddles ever. I want to be with someone that I  can’t live a day without like how I can’t sleep without my pillow in the night. Someone who will make me feel secure like what I feel every time I sink my face on it . The one whose hug is as soft and as gentle as my pillow’s. .. Someone who would never ever leave me behind and hurting me would be the last thing on earth that he  could ever do. Someone I can call my own..  whose familiar scent would make me feel and say .. “I’m home”.



15 thoughts on “Someone Like My Pillow

  1. U can choose the right pillow guy & he will stained your pillow. Instead build a simple friendship with a furry dog & it will be non stainable pillow for life.

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