No Us


There was a spark

Like a glittering star

 A shivering feeling

Which was so amazing

Inexplicable excitement

The  first time that  we met.

There were butterflies

Flew in our stomachs

There were “imissyou’s”

And countless “iloveyou’s”

A deep attachment

With no commitment.

There were no kisses

Not even  warm hugs

No holding hands

Neither cuddles at night

It was so complicated

But we had  been devoted

It was undefined

Yet certainly one of a kind.

We had  fights  and arguments

Misunderstandings and heartbreaks

There were  rain of tears

And an unbearable pain

There was a  false hope

That we  used to believe in.

There were goodbyes

But  never had  closure

We had been apart

With full of confusion.

There was you and there was me

There was love in between

The feeling was mutual

And truly magical

But there was never an “Us”.


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