The Reason

It’s over.
That’s what he told her after everything that she had done for him. She even had forgotten to value her own self because she was busy loving him wholeheartedly. She tried to figure out what went wrong and why everything fell out of place…. Why he fell out of love suddenly.

I don’t want you anymore.
Want? So.. He just wanted her? And now she’s no longer wanted neither ever loved by the guy that she thought would fill her emptiness. The guy who used to tell her how wonderful she was. The guy who had once promised  that he will never ever leave her. How could his feelings  changed instantly? Why couldn’t he give her just one acceptable reason so she could entirely understand everything.

You’re dirty.
Oh.. That’s it ! After spending that one night with her.. When he found out that he was not the one who took her virginity? He’s thinking now that she’s dirty? Not pure? So it’s a big deal for him? Was he “clean” , was he “pure” when he hooked up with her? No.. Certainly he wasn’t.

Virginity snatcher.
This is what best describes his kind.  Moreover a useless user. Though he didn’t  get what he wanted, he’s still a thief that every woman should be avoided of. He’s not worth the love that she had given him nor the love of any subsequent  girl who will cross his path in the future.


8 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. A well written work… It’s sick to know that some will always and always treat you like a commodity to be gained… We are just a mere objet to them. It’s sad, ’cause little they know about emotions but there are those few who value us and make us feel that – all guys are not the same.
    Thanks for the share… Indeed a great piece of work. 🙂

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    1. Yeah…That’s right… guys nowadays are somewhat unfair and insensitive… Not all though:)
      Anyways ..thanks for liking my posts 🙂 I deeply appreciate that 🙂


  2. If they’re too smooth with the lines and confident, those are the ones to avoid. The gorgeous hunks are either all into themselves or (as I discovered in San Francisco) not interested in women. We tend to pass by the shy guy who doesn’t have the best face and physique, but he’s usually the one who will adore you and never leave you. 🙂

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